Unlock your content potential

Unveil and increase customer engagement across journeys and content types

Accelerate buying

Understand true intent while buyers are engaged with your content, so you can better help them - in realtime

Get more engaged customers from paid media

With a new set of signals integrated to Linkedin, Google, Facebook ad pixels, you can now automatically improve the quality of your audiences. You can target more engaged audiences, and generate more engagement from retargeting campaigns and lookalike audiences.

See how content can drive performance

Complete Set of Behavioral Data

Celero collects all engagement signals on your customers - automatically. What they look at. What they highlight. What they look for, even when you’re not looking. All without the need for engineers.

Any Content, Any Action

Celero calculates your customer's engagement level across any content by automatically analyzing millions of data points. Based on that you can take any action while your customer is in the content .

Identify Engaged Audiences

Having deep engagement signals across content types, teams can now identify new audiences that were previously missed.

Create Better Content

Confidently invest in content that actually performs and test out changes with full visibility on their impact.  

B2B brands love Celero

Seamlessly Integrated with Your Tech Stack

Imagine having direct feedback from your customers on what they’re interested in, and delivering it right to them!

Anyone that can create content as a PDF, can now turn it into a trackable digital experience in just seconds!

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